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After spending the last 15 years living and travelling around many parts of the world we have decided to help fellow travellers, by promoting our passions, travel and photography. This is just the start of hopefully giving back to the community, by encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in different cultures and nature.

Our mission is to provide support for local travel agencies and guides in Africa, Indonesia and New Zealand, so to better promote those regions, as eco-tourism is fundamental to protecting these environments for the future.

  • diverse destinations
  • eco-travel
  • value for money
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travel advice

- Going to Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand or beyond?

- When to go, what to do and recommended agencies.

- What to expect when you are on the ground, recommended itineraries.

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- Cultural, city tours and shopping?

- Relax with island and beach holidays?

- Safaris & wildlife trekking, mountain expeditions?

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- Tour guide advice?

- Travel Insurance

- Availability and requirements?

why choose us?

We support local agencies, guides and their families, to promote eco-travel by providing trusted travel advice.

Through communication, technology and experience we can leverage our contacts, working with one another to open up a network of travel agencies, guides by showing you places truly cultural and natural, so to create other world experiences that will stay with you forever!

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Thank you for your support, We will do our best to contact you in a timely manner, sometimes we, and our agents are out on expeditions, and in different time zones.

Please be advised this service is designed assist and provide advice, we do not take accept any liability once you have accepted an agency package, fare or tour.

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